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Library Quarterly Report FY20 Q2: October-December 2019

Virtual Library Card

The library’s “Virtual Library Card” helps VDOT employees access library collections and services. We created the VLC in years ago by connecting the library’s EOS Library automation system (which has patron user names and passwords) to a hosted authentication service called EZProxy. The bar graph below (left) shows cardholder growth during the past five quarters. The pie chart (right) shows VLC growth this quarter, with a breakout showing the three circumstances under which new accounts are created:

Onboarding (123): The library gets new data from Human Resources and staffers create new accounts and send a “welcome” e-mail to these new VDOT employees. 
Self-Registration (11): Some VDOT employees register themselves online. Library staff verify identities, activate those accounts, and send a welcome message and support materials.

Other Requests (3): These cards are created for walk-in patrons or patrons who submitted an e-mail or online request.

Card holders bar chart
Pie chart showing total card holders

The library conducts "onboarding" a process where new VDOT employee e-mail addresses are collected from the VDOT Human Resources Org Chart on InsideVDOT. This quarter Rebecca Ernest did the onboarding, which includes creating accounts for new VDOT personnel and sending an e-mail “welcome package” with links to: an instructional video, instruction on how to subscriptions from off the VDOT network, and how to reach us for questions. Onboarding was healthy again this quarter (155 accounts created) and there was a small amount of "offboarding" (17 accounts) done by Barb Neyman, for an increase of 137 card holders.

FY20Q2: Summary of Library Activity


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 Catalog Record Count - Volumes ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? Section 3
 VDOT Print Collection Usage 676 228 484 276 641 Section 3
 VDOT Subscription Downloads 2,874 2,995 3,101 3,616 3,257 Section 4
 Items Loaned through ILL 7 12 18 5 8 Section 5
 Items Borrowed through ILL 13 24 17 35 29 Section 5
 Document Deliveries to VDOT 53 44 26 29 60 Section 5
 Reference Questions Answered 449 396 230 199 245 Section 6
 Total Questions Answered (all departments) 628 457 565 501 604 Section 6
 Total Virtual Library Card Holders 2,061 2,067 2,165 2,100 2,385 Section 7

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