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Guide to Transportation Planning Data Sources

This is a guide to an array of transportation planning data sources of interest to the VTRC Transportation Planning Research Advisory Committee (TPRAC).

National Capital Region Transportation TPB Data Warehouse


The Regional Transportation Data Clearinghouse (RTDC) is the online resource for transportation data, maps and applications from the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB). Over the years, staff has collected transportation data from various sources, primarily member jurisdictions, state agencies, and transit authorities. The data have been organized and presented here in an open format to improve access and data sharing between TPB members and other users in the region. The RTDC content is organized and maintained on ArcGIS Online. The Clearinghouse content is presented in and organized into many products, listed below. New data products will be added as they become available.


ITS JPO logo

The U.S. DOT’s ITS program focuses on intelligent vehicles, intelligent infrastructure and the creation of an intelligent transportation system through integration with and between these two components. The Federal ITS program supports the overall advancement of ITS through investments in major research initiatives, exploratory studies and a deployment support program including technology transfer and training.

This data clearinghous includes over 138 datasets on topics such as Connected Vehicle Message, Application Message, Trajectories, Field Test, Sensor Data, Research Results, Connected Equipment, Weather and much more.

Crash Modification Factors Clearinghouse

CMF logo

The CMF Clearinghouse offers transportation professionals a central, Web-based repository of CMFs, as well as additional information and resources related to CMFs. The CMF Clearinghouse was established to provide transportation professionals:
  •  A regularly updated, online repository of CMFs,
  •  A mechanism for sharing newly developed CMFs, and
  • Educational information on the proper application of CMFs.
Both CMFs and Crash Reduction Factors are presented in the clearinghouse because both are widely used in the field of traffic safety. 

SmarterRoads Data Portal

SmarterRoads logo

A new cloud based data portal initiative that provides free, widespread access to a wealth of VDOT information to anyone interested in creating value-added transportation applications and products for end users. SmarterRoads provides direct access to roadway and transportation information – beyond currently available VDOT traffic operations data – in one portal site. Through the creation of the SmarterRoads portal, VDOT is accelerating Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology development in Virginia by sharing transportation data with third-party sector business, application developers and university partners.

SmarterRoads makes VDOT’s transportation data available to approved users online. This cloud-based portal will provide raw data pertaining to road conditions, incidents, work zones, multi-modal transportation and road signs to the connected and automated vehicle industry, third-party enterprise and the public. Data sets range from real-time sensor streams updated every minute, to road statistic shape files updated annually. 

***Requires Registration/Username and Password*** Request Registration Here


Commonwealth of Virginia Open Data

DataVA logo

Virginia Open Data is all non-sensitive, public information that is made freely available for public use in an easily readable format. Open data empowers the public to unlock the value of the data. Citizens can develop mobile applications and other tools to use the information in ways which can translate into economic opportunity.  The Commonwealth is committed to continue to grow the number of open datasets on the website including:

           * Agriculture

           * Boards and Commissions

           * Commerce and Trade

           * Commonwealth Datapoint

           * Education

           * Elections

           * eProcurement

           * GIS/Mapping

           * Health and Human Resources

           * Natural Resources

           * Public Safety

           * Transportation

           * Government

           * Datathon 2016

***NOTE*** Transportation data currently does not include data on

USDOT Open Source Application Development Portal

OSADP logo

The Prototype Open Source Application Development Portal or OSADP is designed to enable stakeholders to collaborate and share insights, methods, and source code on a set of research projects sponsored by the USDOT Dynamic Mobility Applications program (DMA).  In the OSADP collection of projects, each project deals with the research, development, testing, and commercialization of a single application that is federally funded, e.g. mobility applications developed through funding by USDOT’s Intelligent Transportation System’s (ITS) DMA program and mobility applications developed through University Transportation Center that are funded and approved for inclusion in DMA program). The portal also contains test data sets for bench-marking the applications,  procedures for testing the applications, and supporting documentation for running the test procedures.

Data of interest to TPRAC:

Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) Data


HPMS Public Release Shapefiles spatially represent limited data from the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) for 2011-2015 data years.  A preliminary dataset for 2015 is also provided and available for research. This data has not been finalized and may have missing information. There are several States that will update their HPMS Data in the coming weeks. The Office of Highway Policy anticipates that the "Official" version will be uploaded on or about October 1, 2016.  
***Note*** A field manual for the data is available here.


VTTI Dataverse Transportation Data Repository

The VTTI Dataverse Data Repository is a data repository maintained by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Part of the Dataverse Project, and focused heavily on naturalistic driving studies, this resource includes five repository "dataverses" comprising 156 datasets from a variety of initiatives including

Data of interest to TPRAC: Naturalistic driving studies

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