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Guide to Transportation Planning Data Sources

This is a guide to an array of transportation planning data sources of interest to the VTRC Transportation Planning Research Advisory Committee (TPRAC).

Bike-Ped Portal

Bike-Ped Portal logo

Welcome to Bike-Ped Portal, the national archive for bicycle and pedestrian count data. Check bicycle and pedestrian traffic volumes around the U.S. and add your own count data. Bike-Ped Portal supports counts collected on road and path segments, recorded by hand as well as machine. 

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Data of interest to TPRAC: National archive for pedestrian and pedestrian count data

Bike Arlington

Bike Arlington Logo

Arlington County maintains a system of continuous automatic counters to detect and record bicycle and pedestrian volumes 24 hours a day at selected locations. Collecting better active transportation data is essential to building long-term support for walking and cycling, and for improving conditions for those who choose to walk and ride bikes. The County currently has 32 permanent installations, and six portable counters to gauge and monitor usage and demand.

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Counter Dashboard on was developed to display data from the counters, and to allow the public to consult, download, improve, and analyze it. The dashboard shows the total number of bicyclists and/or pedestrians counted at each location during the time period chosen by the dashboard user. It allows for using a number of “filtering” parameters, such as mode (bicycle and/or pedestrian), direction, and day(s) of the week. The count data from each device can be graphed within the Dashboard application, or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. The Dashboard is a work in progress, and we welcome the public’s help in improving it. The counters generate “planning level” data. That means that results are correct to much better than “order of magnitude” level, and that they are the best available. No claim is made that the data is “accurate”, “precise”, or “true”.

Data of interest to TPRAC: Arlington bicycle and pedestrian counter dashboard

Capital Trail Data

Eco Counter Logo

An interactive map counting bicycle and pedestrian activity on the Capital Trail using Eco Counter. 

Data of interest to TPRAC: Capital Trail Bicycle and pedestrian counter dashboard.


Strava metro logo

Strava Metro makes riding, running, and walking in cities better. Millions of people upload their rides and runs to Strava every week via their smartphone or GPS device. Metro anonymizes and aggregates this data and then partners with departments of transportation and city planning groups to improve infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.

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Data of interest to TPRAC: Bicycle and pedestrian activity maps and data

Pedbike Data

pedbike data logo

Pedestrian and bicycle safety researchers spend a high percent of a project budget finding, obtaining and organizing data sources, which limits the time spent on analysis and causes such studies to be costly and not as common as needed. The purpose of the CSCRS National Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Data Clearinghouse is to help connect researchers to the data they need to conduct robust studies of pedestrian and bicyclist safety. The goal is to greatly increase the quality and quantity of pedestrian and bicyclist safety research in the U.S.

Data of interest to TPRAC: Collisions, Counts, Infrastructure

Virginia Bicycle Facility Inventory

Virginia Bicycle Facility Inventory Logo

The Virginia Bicycle Facility Inventory web mapping application displays information about bicycle facilities in Virginia, which includes shared use paths, bicycle lanes, shared lanes designated with signs or pavement markings, and four foot paved shoulders.

Note- The data used to create this map were collected from a variety of sources, such as state agencies, local and regional governments, aerial images and Open Street Map. Therefore, some facilities depicted in this map as bike lanes, shared paths etc., may not be consistent with the guidelines and criteria for these facilities outlined in Appendix A-1 of the Virginia Department of Transportation Road Design Manual.

Data of Interest to TPRAC: Statewide bicycle facility locations and attributes

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