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Guide to Transportation Planning Data Sources

This is a guide to an array of transportation planning data sources of interest to the VTRC Transportation Planning Research Advisory Committee (TPRAC).

RIMS (Network Only)


The Roadway Inventory Management System (RIMS) delivers a data and process workflow system to support a revised business process for managing the VDOT roadway data inventory. Incorporating multiple business groups, the workflow consolidates management of the data. The main functions of RIMS include:

  • Enhance capabilities to manage and administer roadway inventory
  • Provide users with a set of web-based thin client tools
  • Re-engineer business processes for maintaining roadway inventory data
  • Develop and integrate a series of related systems and workflows
  • Ensure high quality data availability

RIMS is a module of the Roadway Network System (RNS) ***(VDOT Network Only)***.

VDOT LUPS (Network Only)

VDOT LUPS is a database of Land Use Permits maintained by VDOT. It is available from the Network only. 

Search for Land use permits by Permit Prefix, Status, Customer Name and more. 

Data of interest to TPRAC: Land Use permits

Land Track (Network Only)

LandTrack Logo

The LandTrack system, version 1.8, is used to track Traffic Impact Analysis submissions as required by Section 15.2-2222.1 of the Code of Virginia and other land development review submissions such as site plans and subdivision plats. LandTrack houses the basic data of Traffic Impact Analyses (TIAs). 

The Traffic Impact Analysis Regulations (24 VAC 30-155-10 et seq), establish the rules and procedures that control when a proposal must be submitted, what must be included in a submission, response times, and the associated fees. Localities must submit comprehensive plans and amendments and rezonings with significant impact on state controlled highways to the Department of Transportation. The Department will review and provide written comments on the traffic impact of each submission. The locality may take official action on the proposal after receiving VDOT’s final comments or after the passing of the deadline for VDOT to respond, whichever comes first..

Data of interest to TPRAC: TIA data and submissions

Land Track (Public)

Public Land Track logo

The LandTrack system is used to track VDOT’s review of traffic impact analysis (TIA) submissions on proposed land development.  This source provides the number of reviews that were completed on-time or early, as well as the total reviews completed.  The purpose of the review is to provide information to localities on how development may impact transportation on state highways.


i-vision fugro logo


  • Locate interstate, primary and secondary roads.
  • View pavement condition rating videos from 2011.
  • See secondary rating videos from 2007 to 2010.
  • Access interstate and primary rating videos from 2010.
  • Use the tools to generate tables and charts.
  • Obtain pertinent data for each road segment provided

***Requires Login Register Here***

Data of interest to TPRAC: Roadway imagery, pavement condition, and linear referencing

***I-Vision users will need to download Microsoft Silverlight ***

Microsof Silverlight logo

***This step requires VITA Authorization***

PMS (Network Only)

Use the link here to access PMS (***VDOT Network Only, Be Sure to Use Internet Explorer Browser***): \\wcs00725\COAMDFILE\AMD_Groups\AMS\REPORTCARD\PMS\PUBLIC\Geometric Data

Data of interest to TPRAC: Roadway alignment data on Interstates and primaries

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